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[Snow Combo]

We prepare for a rental snowwear, snowboots and snowgrove to easily participate!


If you think only hiking with snowshoe is not enough!! We recommend the tour Snow Combo!!! Snow speed is like a boby board for snow fields and it is really new winter sports in Japan!!

Going down the natural slopes with snow speed is much more exciting than skies and snow boards. Your face is placed just only a feet high from the ground. Why don't you try this exciting and cool winter sports this winter!! (We will use snowshoe to get to the slopes/We wear helmets with Snow Speed)


Cost 7,980yen@
Including: guide, Snowshoe set, SnowSpeed Set,Insurance, Lunch, Tax
Place Cordillera Hira (Shiga pref)
Meeting time and place
@ JR Yamashina Station (In front of Mr.doughnut
iYou can find it on your left as soon as you go out from the ticket gate. Only 5 people(First come, First Served)can get a ride from station to snow field.) @@@8:00am meeting time

AKutsuki Tenkuu Onsen 10:00amAccess
Season Everyday from early January to Middle of March
(Tour will be cnacelled depends on the snow condition)
Conditions 13`55 years old with good health.
(13 to 15 years old student has to participate with their gardians)
Minimum 4 people
If the number of participants are under 4 on two days before the tour, we will cancell the tour . At that time, we will inform you the cancellation by phone or e-mail and we will refund the fare.
FAQ of Snowspeed
--- Time Table---
Yamashina Station
Arrival at Starting Point
Snowshow Hiking
Play with Snow Speed!!
Snow Speed and snow hiking
End of the tour
Yamashina Station(^0^)/~~
Due to the weather or traffic reason, time schedule might be changed.


have a lunch on the table which is made by snow or play with snow sleds!! Let's enjoy playing on beautiful snow fields!(^O^)/

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We accept your tour payment the day by cash.

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Company info
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Personal Gear
Ski or Snow Board Wear
iRain suits are also OKj
Under wear
Insurance policy (Copy is OK)
Necessary Item for yourself (Sun Screen etc..)

Since cotton pants and Jeans make you hard to walk, we don't allow you to join our tour with those.

Rental gear (charge)
Snow Wear Set (S/M/L/LL) 1,000yen
Snowboots (23.0-28.5) 500yen
Grove (S/M/L) 300yen

Other reccommend
Snowshoe Hiking

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