Tour Booking

Booking is completed after you filled all section of "Booking Resuest Form"

We will reply to you by e-mail after we get your booking request.
If you don't receive any contact from us 3 days after you book the tour, Please call or e-mail to us as soon as possible.
Payment on the date of your tour is allowed.
We accept cash and credit card.

We charge cancellation fee for your cancels.
8 days before
7 to 2 days before
One day before
Tour day
only service charge of bank

Tour Conditions
Please make sure that you real all sentences.

œ We might reject the client because of the parson's condition. Especially Drunk.

œThere is a possibility that we may cancel the tour because of thunderstorms, snow, or reasons beyond our control.Those decisions will be made possibly by day before the tour and inform to the person who booked the tour. But if the guide decide to cancell the tour on the day, we don't pay a transportation fee to get to meeting place.

œIf you change the tour date, we charge a compensation fee. (until 2days before the tour=\500/one day before=\1,000/Tour date=not allowed) Those changes must be made during our open hours (9:00am-8:00pm) by e-mail or phone. We cannot guarantee the availability of seating if dates are changed.

œ If you are more than ten minutes late to the tour's departure point then your reservation maybe auto canceled to preserve the itinerary. We will be waiting at the starting point ten minutes prior to the starting time, please ensure that you have enough time to arrive.

œ Notice œ
Please put the date you join our tour after your name
(Ex: Simon Smith 5/8) this meaning is May 8th.

Booking form

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