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Top  >  Snowshoe Hiking in Shiga of Kansai area
The snowshoe hiking will be starting from 6th January.
Snowshoe is the tool to walk on the deep snow mountains or hills.
Let's enjoy snowshoe hiking in Shiga pref of Kansai area.
Half day snowshoe experience in Shiga Full day snowshoe experience in Shiga
If you do not have so much experience to play with snow, we recommend this half-day trip of snowshoe hiking.
We will take you nice view point and let you know how to play with snowshoeing.
You can see animal tracking in the forest.
we also have rental gear to join snowshoe hiking! let's jump to snow!
This is Full day tour !! We have two courses of it. One is for the biginners course, the other is for the uppers. Please chose the couse which you like. Both courses is very exiting for you ! Let's enjoy your japan trip with snowshoe in this winter at Shiga !!
We provide a relaxed way to learn the basics of snowshoeing at Shiga pref.
It is because it's winter doesn't mean you can't go hiking! let's dive to powder snow.

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You can make payment by cash for this on the tour date itself

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