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 About cancel 

Please read and understand about following contents before the book.
All the River tour:

About standby or cancel:

There is a "Water gate" near the starting point of the river tour. This water gate is belong to the government and watching water level everyday. Therefore, there is possiblity to change the water level sometime. expecially rainy season, after heavy rain and typhoon season. When they have decided to change water level, we have to wait until control is over. *we can not enter thr river. After controled the water level, we can enter the river. and have river tour. *waiting time might be 60mins-90mins. it is depends on how much water level will be change. also there is possibility to cancel if the water level is going high following level.

About water level.

About Rafting: we can go down the river until 300m3/s

About Water tubing: we can go down until 150m3/s. Because too big waves.

About River bugging: we can go down until 200m3/s. Because too big waves.

Water contol of government you can check present water level from this site of government.

Please understand there is possibility to wait or cancel when you join our tour. We will let you know by email if we have to cancel the tour. Basically, we have tour even on a rainy day.


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